Admiralty, Maritime and Aviation Law

Admiralty, Maritime and Aviation Law

The Puerto Rico law firm of Indiano & Williams has extensive experience in admiralty, maritime, and aviation law. In particular, Mr. Indiano is a proctor in admiralty and a member of the Maritime Law Association (“MLA”), and Mr. Williams is a licensed airplane pilot and former Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association (“AOPA”) counsel. Our Puerto Rico attorneys can fill your legal needs whether the claim arises on the high seas, in port or from the runway up.

Our maritime experience covers personal injury, seaman’s claims, cargo claims, COGSA issues, vessel damage, fire cases, collisions, pier allisions, maritime arrests, demurrage and insurance coverage issues. Given the nature of maritime litigation and jurisdiction, these cases are generally heard in federal court, just as in the rest of the United States.

Our Puerto Rico lawyers also are experienced in handling aircraft accidents involving crew and passengers. Our lawyers have litigated matters involving crashes of both commercial and private airplanes in the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico. These cases have involved issues of products liability, pilot error, aircraft instruments, aircraft propellers, airport safety, navigational aids, weather issues, National Transportation and Safety Bureau (“NTSB”) investigations, runway lighting and wind indicators, and pilot training. Additionally, our aviation experience also covers personal injury claims occurring in airport premises, jet bridges/jetways, and walkways, among others.


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