Creditors’ Law and Debt Collection

Creditors’ Law and Debt Collection

The Puerto Rico law firm of Indiano & Williams maintains a substantial practice in the area of creditors’ rights and debt collection in state and federal courts. Collecting debts can be difficult unless counsel knows both the federal and state court system and how to make each work so that assets do not disappear. In 2004 alone, our law firm collected over $2 million for a single client. Collection cases require aggressive and thorough lawyering. Finding and seizing assets is the key to success in representing clients in collection cases.

Federal law incorporates Puerto Rico law on provisional remedies. Critical to successful collection case litigation is securing the necessary court orders and writs of attachment that will enable a court designated process server or individual to locate and seize assets, bank accounts, receivables and property. Over the years, our Puerto Rico law firm has successfully uncovered and seized assets on behalf of our clients in a variety of debt collection cases.

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