Employment and Labor Law

Employment and Labor Law

The Puerto Rico law firm of Indiano & Williams provides counseling to corporations and business owners in employment and labor law matters. Over the years, numerous stateside based companies as well as Puerto Rico corporations and employers have sought our law firm’s counsel on a variety of employment related matters. Puerto Rico’s labor laws, including Law 80 and the “mesada,” are quite unique and require employers to take measures beyond that which they are accustomed in stateside jurisdictions. Preventive medicine is essential in avoiding labor claims which can be made under Puerto Rico law. Local law on unjust dismissal, overtime, sick leave, vacation leave and maternity leave are all areas in which an employer should review with an experienced Puerto Rico labor attorney.

Our Puerto Rico labor law practice group has defended many types of employment related cases under federal and state law including age and sexual discrimination claims, WARN act claims and unjust dismissal claims. For our employer clients, we can set up alternative billing arrangements for on-going labor consultation. Our employer client base has included banks, retail outlets, manufacturing concerns and small business.


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