Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Law

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Law

Representing plaintiffs in personal injury claims.
The Puerto Rico law firm of Indiano & Williams represents plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury law and wrongful death cases. Puerto Rico law provides only a one (1) year period in which individuals having personal injury and wrongful death claims can file a lawsuit. This is a much shorter time period than most states provide, so if you have a claim you should retain Puerto Rico counsel promptly and move forward with litigation during this period allowed by law.

Negligence claims are peculiar in Puerto Rico because they are based on the civil code. The code allows for broad damages, though there are no punitive damages available under Puerto Rico law. In Spanish, these tort damages are called “danos y perjuicios.” An injured party can recover for pain and suffering (either from being injured directly or losing a loved one), loss of income, medical expenses, funeral expenses and similar damages. In order to obtain substantial damages we have retained the most qualified experts to assess liability and damages. These experts in the fields of vocational rehabilitation, life plan, loss income, potential loss income and loss of quality of life, life expectancy.

Our Puerto Rico attorneys have represented parties injured in hotels, ships, boats, airplanes, jet bridges/jetways, airport premises, highways, and a host of other public and private locations. We have been involved with injuries caused by machinery, tools, appliances, doctors, and hospitals. Our attorneys are committed to knowing the science and engineering related to the injury in order to effectively represent our clients and maximize their recovery.

Representing defendants in personal injury claims.
This is where Indiano & Williams stands apart from most other Puerto Rico law firms. Our attorneys have experience representing both sides of the case. Our legal defense representation over the years has involved representing food manufacturers and processors, power companies, machine manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies and other small and large manufacturers. For over a decade, our lawyers have successfully defended all types of food claims, ranging from issues of infestation, foreign objects, intoxication, food poisoning to product liability allegations of design defects and manufacturing defects. Knowing how plaintiff attorneys approach their case gives us an edge in defending these claims.

Our law firm often works directly with in-house corporate counsel defending personal injury claims. Our years of experience on both sides of the courtroom place us in a unique position to both defend and advise our clients in our defense work.


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