Business and Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Law

The Puerto Rico law firm of Indiano & Williams represents a diverse base of individual and corporate clients in the area of business and commercial law. Puerto Rico law is unique in that it is steeped in European civil law tradition but greatly influenced by U.S. commercial law. To be successful in establishing a business or negotiating a contract in Puerto Rico, retaining the right lawyer familiar with this blend of law is critical. In fact, litigation can often be avoided by seeking consultation with a qualified Puerto Rico lawyer before entering into these contracts.

Our Puerto Rico law firm provides both counsel in these areas and litigation expertise once a dispute emerges. One unique area of Puerto Rico law deals with distributors and sales agents (Law 75 and Law 21). The attorneys at our Puerto Rico law firm routinely handle business disputes in these areas as well as those dealing with a wide range of breach of contract claims. Unlike many jurisdictions, oral contracts may be binding in Puerto Rico and bad faith claims are rooted in decisions from the Puerto Rico Supreme Court.

Due to the complexity of business transactions and the nuances of Puerto Rico law, commercial leases should be reviewed by a qualified Puerto Rico attorney prior to execution. Our lawyers regularly represent both landlords and tenants in negotiating and reviewing proposed leases and litigated disputes involving small and large businesses.



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