Auto Accident Law

Auto Accident Law

The Puerto Rico law firm of Indiano & Williams represents individuals who have sustained personal injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. There is no such thing as a routine traffic accident. To be successful, every case must be properly prepared and the necessary experts must be retained.

Working with accident reconstructionists, our law firm has been able to both prove and defend claims involving cars, trucks and other vehicles. Our experience with many doctors enables us to properly evaluate such claims and provide either a defense or an offense.

Key to a successful plaintiff’s case in an automobile accident involves filing the case in federal court; a court of limited jurisdiction. Only citizens of diverse states can file such claims in federal court. Federal court, however, unlike state or local court in Puerto Rico, provides the victim a right to a jury trial. In our experience, the size of the award or settlement is directly related to whether a judge or a jury hears the claim.

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