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Recent Case Filings

Wrongful death, delayed blood transfusion (2022-present)

A 35-year-old woman waited more than 35 hours in HIMA Fajardo’s hospital to receive a blood transfusion. She had no previous medical conditions and arrived at the hospital conscious and alert. As precious hours went by, she became weaker and weaker until she lost consciousness and had to be intubated. […]

Medical Malpractice Stroke Victim (23CV1293)

Myrian Pagan was a healthy and active 68-year-old woman who suddenly experienced some chest pressure and went to the emergency room to get checked. She was admitted at the hospital and treated by multiple physicians including cardiologists and electrophysiologists. Mrs. Pagan later had an ill-advised and contra-indicated catheter ablation procedure […]

Newborn injured during birth (23CV1182)

Karina Hernandez, a resilient young woman, filed a complaint on her own behalf and in representation of her 2-year-old son KMH. When Karina was 19 years old, she was subjected to an extremely long and torturous attempted labor induction. Ultimately, the OBGYN decided to deliver Karina’s baby using vacuum extraction […]

Hotel guest injury (23CV1218)

Mr. Henry, a guest at a hotel in San Juan Puerto Rico, was retrieving a towel from the towel bin in the hotel pool area. To Mr. Henry’s surprise the towel bin door came off suddenly and struck him forcefully on his head. Mr. Henry’s vacation was ruined. Because of […]

Untreated ruptured spleen leads to patient’s death (22CV1504)

Emily and Gabriel sued a hospital and two physicians for the wrongful death of their father Emiliano Rivera. Mr. Rivera arrived at the hospital ER with chest pain that later began to irradiate to his abdomen. Finally, 2 days later a CT without contrast was done at the hospital which […]

Premises Liability – Gas Explosion (2022-present)

A young woman was working at a restaurant in the Condado area, and while taking a break, she started to light a lighter, and a gas explosion occurred that burned her arms and part of her face. It was later revealed that her employer knew about the gas leak and […]

Jorge Fuentes – medmal, wrongful death, active litigation (22-1471)

Maria Mercedes, who Jorge viewed as his second mother, was subjected to a carotid endarterectomy procedure. The surgeon who operated her failed to take the necessary pre-operative precautions in light of her pre-existing conditions, such as discontinuing dual antiplatelet therapy. To make matters worse, after the operation, she was neglected […]

Medical malpractice case concerning pregnant woman (2022-present)

In April 2022, a 23-week pregnant woman was admitted to Hospital Menonita Cayey’s emergency room due to vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain. The emergency room physician assigned to her care failed to perform a proper physical evaluation, and she was left in a hallway without an accurate diagnosis. As hour […]

Maritime Oil Pollution Act (OPA) Reef Damage (21CV1594)

Our firm is local counsel in a case filed by the United States government against the shipowners and insurers of the T/V Margara due to an allision to some reefs in the southern part of Puerto Rico.   While not a drop of oil was spilled, the USA filed this lawsuit […]

Past Case Filings


Ervin Parker v. Caribbean Traders, Inc., et. al.
Civ No. 12-1346


Jessie Serrano, et. al. v. Inmediata Copr., et. al.
Civ. No. 19-cv-01811


Martha Ariza Arias vs. Saint John’s School,
Civil Case No. 19-2143

David Ashe v. Distribuidora Norma, Inc., et. al.
Civ. No. 10-2236 (DRD)


East Towing and Salvage Inc. v. Blue Ocean 1 LLC, et. al.
Civil Case No. 2020cv

United States of America v. Ernst Jacob, et. al.
Civil Action No. 3:21-cv-1594


Oyun Antonio Vega, et. al. v. Professional Hospital Guaynabo, Inc.
Civ. No. 20-1753

Michelle Y. Ayala Gonzalez v. Doctors Center Hospital, Inc.
Civ No. 21-1446

Lorell Gonzalez, v. Hosptal Espanol Auxilio Mutuo de Puerto Rico, Inc.
Civ No. 21-1586

Ríos v. Bonilla Gonzalez
(Intra-abdominal Catastrophe/Enterotomy)
Civ. No. 15-2080

Osorio v. HIMA San Pablo, Inc.
(Liver Cirrhosis/Failure to Optimize Prior To Surgery)
Civ. No. 15-1792

Ana Marie Delgado, et. al. v. Dorado Health, Inc., et. al.
(Intestinal Obstruction)

Civ. No. 14-1735 (PG)

Marcos A. Hodgson-Gómez, et. al. v. Metro-Health, Inc., et. al.
(Malfuntioning V-P Shunt)
Civ. No. 14-1705 (FAB)

Ruth Santana Maymí v. Centro de Medicina Primaria de Vega Alta, Inc., et. al.
(Brain Aneurysm)
Civ. No. 12-1840
(Consolidated with Jonathan Félix Santana v. Hospital Hermanos Meléndez Civ. No. 14-1302)

Rey Girón-Morel v. Hospital Damas, Inc., et. al.
(Death by Aspiration of Feces/Failure to Treat Constipation)

Civ. No. 13-1442

Ana Correa-Bonilla, et. al. v. Dr. Rohel Pascual-Villaronga, et. al.
(Mesh Insert/Bladder Infection)
Civ. No. 13-1374

Almaris Alonso, et. al. v. Luz de Esperanza Home Care, Inc., et. al.
(Infected pressure sores/Osteomiolitis/Home Care Negligence)
Civ. No. 13-1163

Sonia Bermúdez, et. al. v. U.S.
(Renal Cell Carcinoma/Failure to Detect)

Civ. No. 12-2044

Miguel A. Ramírez-Ortiz, et. al. v. Corporación del Centro Cardiovascular de Puerto Rico y del Caribe, et. al.
(Heart Attack)

Civ. No. 12-2024 (FAB)

Frank G. Cátala v. Metro Santurce, Inc.
(Emergency Care/Over-coagulation)

Civ. No. 12-1923 (FAB)
(Consolidated with Ivelisse Vélez v. Dra. Ileana Rivera-Artes Civ. No. 13-1198)

Adna Ortíz-Bonilla, et. al. v. Hospital San Cristobal
(Infectious Disease)
Civ. No. 12-1567 (SEC)

Luz Miriam Torres, et. al. v. Mennonite General Hospital, Inc., et. al.
(Coronary Syndrome ACS)
Civ. No. 12-1914

Eliezer Rodríguez Cedeño v. Sur Med Medical Center, Inc. et. al.
(Aortic Dissection/Emergency Care)
Civ. No. 12-1867 (GAG)

Milagros Ruiz, et. al. v. Presbyterian Community Hospital, Inc., et. al.
(Delayed Blood Transfusion/Poor Monitoring by Nurses and Physicians/Premature ICU Discharge/Improper Restrain)
Civ. No 12-1584

Olga Hernández-Flores v. Dr. Antonio Busquets-Ferriol, et. al.
(Electric Burns in Operating Room)
Civ. No. 12-1520 (ADC)

Shalimar Rivera-Vega v. Dorado Health, Inc., et. al.
(Colostomy and Intestinal Resection)

Civ. No. 12-1184

María Pérez-Lugo v. Grupo HIMA-San Pablo, Inc., et. al.
(Severe Hypotension/Delay in Treatment)
Civ. No. 11-2162 (PG)

Luis Alberto Ildefonso, et. al. v. Integrated Emergency Medical Services & Management of Río Grande, Inc., et. al.
(Respiratory Distress)

Civ. No. 11-1711 (CCC)

Sandra González, et. al. v. Mayaguez Medical Center, et al.
(Cardiac Catheterization/Bleeding/Unattended)
Civ. No. 10-1946 (FAB)

Félix Reyes Miranda v. Mennonite General Hospital, et. al.
(Ruptured Spleen)

Civ. No. 10-1219 (JAG) (JA)

Aladino Rodríguez, et. al. v. Yauco Healthcare Corporation
(Myocardial Infraction/Thrombolytics)

Civ. No. 10-1912

Gerard Feliciano-Vázquez, et. al. v. Doctor’s Center Hospital San Juan, Inc.
(Bowel Obstruction/Premature Hospital Discharge/Death)

Civ. No 10-1765

José Santana-Nieves, et. al. v. U.S.
(Chest Pain/Kidney Failure/Death)

Civ. No. 08-1506


Li-Shu Wang, et. al. v. Liz Sullivan, et. al.
Civ. No. 22-1344

Laura J. Kobayashi v. Navona Inc., et. al.
Civ. No. 20-cv-1169

Joaquin Polanco v. Ecoaction Tours Inc., et. al.
Civ. No. 22-1333

Eric Hughes, et. al. v. Universal Insurance Company, et. al.
Civ. No. 21-1460

Elvia G. Ocasio Rivera v. Doctors Center Hospital Inc., et. al.
Civ. No. 19-1556

Carmen Caballero v. Carribean Medical Center-CDT, et. al.
Civ. No. 19-2158

Alice Garcia, et. al. v. Hospital Episcopal San Lucas, Inc., et. al.
Civ. No. 18-2022

Anthony Ruenes, et. al. v. Hospital Episcopal San Lucas, Inc., et. al.
Civ. No. 19-2052

Jose J. Torres Arroya, et. al. v. Ryder Memorial Hospital, Inc., et. al.
Civ. No. 20-1289

Jose Angel Toro, et. al. v. Ambassador Veterans Services of Puerto Rico, LLC., et. al.
Civ.No. 21-1416

Francisco Pagan Hermina, et. al. v. Hospital Doctor Susoni, Incorporado, et. al.
Civ. No. 20-1761

Castillo v. Delta Air Lines, Inc.
(Jet Bridge Fall/Fracture)
Civ. No. 15-1792

Torres Ramírez v. Hacienda Madrigal, Inc.
(Fall in from Horse/Equestrian Activities)
Civ. No. 15-1629

Román-Elliot, et al. v. Triple-S Propiedad, Inc.
(Motor Vehicle Accident)
Civ. No. 15-2118

Smith v. Condado Duo La Concha SPV, LLC
(Elevator Trip & Fall)
Civ. No. 15-1504

Lourdes Pérez v. Hostería del Mar, Inc.
(Fall in Hotel Stairs/Slippery Surface)

Civ. No. 14-1858

Natalie Silverman v. Hilton Worldwide International Puerto Rico, LLC, et. al.
(Slip and Fall in Hotel Bathtub)

Civ. No. 14-1885 (GAG)

Anastasia Cason v. Miguel E. Hernández-Robles, et. al.
(Boating Accident)

Civ. No. 14-1842 (GAG)

Carmen Rivas v. JetBlue Airways Corp. et. al.
(Fall on Jet Bridge)

Civ. No. 14-1617 (CCC)

Urbana Parrilla v. ACE Insurance Company, et. al.
(Slip and Fall in Parking Lot/Hand Fracture/Prolonged Casting/CRPS)
Civ. No. 13-1959 (JAF)

Dorothy Moore-Thomas v. Hilton Resorts Corporation, et. al.
(Fall in Hotel Premises)

Civ. No. 13-1958

Julie Yasaki, et. al. v. ACE Insurance Company, et. al.
(Slip and Fall in Drainage in Hotel Green Areas)
Civ. No. 13-1946

Nancy A. Williams v. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., et. al.
(Fall in Restaurant)
Civ. No. 13-1159

Samantha Colclough, et. al. v. John Mushnik, et. al.
(Fall in Vacation Rental)
Civ. No. 13-1126 (JAF)

James Weidner, et. al. v. Yolanda Tebrosa-Nedina
(Private Home/Sliding Glass Door)
Civ. No. 12-1940

Nabil Battihka, et. al. v. Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico, et al.
(Severed FIngers with Defective Murphy Bed/Vacation Rental)
Civ. No. 11-1439 (DRD)

Zvi Livnat, et. al. v. Ramey Resort, Inc. et. al.
(Auto Accident/Personal Injury/Trauma)
Civ. No. 11-1130 (FAB)

Diamantina Rosario-Sostre v. Vega Baja, et. al.
(Slip and Fall on Stairs on Municipal Property)
Civ. No. 10-2099 (GAG)


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