Catastrophic Injuries to Minors

Catastrophic Injuries to Minors

Children who are injured, whether by hospitals, doctors or from other accidents, can claim for injuries up until their 22nd birthday under most circumstances under Puerto Rico law.

Child injuries can be a result of a fall at an unsafe playground, restaurant or fast food play area, pool or establishments designed to attract children. Head injuries can lead to undetected subdural hematomas which may take days, weeks, months before physical symptoms are obvious or neurological damage can be assessed. There are dangerous toys that by design, use or content can cause injury and may be addressed through product liability claims. Some playthings contain hazardous materials such as lead, quick drying nail polish or magnets which can expose children to harm. In addition to suffering from intoxication by lead or other toxic chemicals, children may experience intestinal obstruction which often resemble flu like symptoms. These injuries can be catastrophic and may need health care beyond the parents’ life expectancy and thus a life care planner may be needed as part of the evaluating team.

When physician or hospital malpractice is the issue, these cases require that the lawyers that handle it know the science and medical reasons behind the malpractice. We have experience in handling cases where the medical records have been altered or doctored. The handling of these cases requires resources, hard work and patience.

Claims in this area include traumatic brain injuries (TBI), cerebral palsy, nerve damage, infection, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, seizures, birth asphyxia, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, broken limbs, Erb’s palsy, Klumpke’s palsy, birth trauma autism, shoulder dystocia and brachial-plexus injuries. Fetal death or injury can occur for instance, as a result of improper monitoring, improper labor induction of administration of cytotec; diabetic ketoacidosis, spinal chord compression, cerebral palsy. Sometimes the catastrophic injury leads to amputation, paraplegia or even quadriplegia requiring long term care.

Typically, these injuries result from problems during pregnancy, childbirth and operations that happen early in an infant’s life. There may have been a loss of oxygen or hypoxia while under anesthesia or an improper delivery in the birthing room. Monitor your child’s condition
carefully to assess any abnormal symptoms and conditions and seek medical care if you have any doubts. Documentation, medical records and physician contacts are very important in order to bring these cases.

Accidents that involve someone’s or some company’s negligence can also cause catastrophic injuries. They may include traumatic brain injuries, cervical sprains, cervical spine injuries, spinal cord injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia, amputation and closed head injuries causing cognitive deficits.

Such injuries require a life time of care and the emotional and economic burdens these injuries place on a family are indescribable. Only pursuing these rights on behalf of the minor can these families adequately care for these boys and girls. If your son, daughter, grandchild or other relative has been a victim of medical malpractice or suffered some type of life-threatening or catastrophic injury, Indiano & Williams can help you assess whether you have a valid claim that can be filed and pursued in Puerto Rico.

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