Insurance Subrogation Law

Insurance Subrogation Law

The Puerto Rico law firm of Indiano & Williams represents insurance companies in the area of subrogation law. If a third party has caused the loss, the insurance company who has paid their insured is entitled to recover what they have paid from the liable party. Often times insurance companies do not aggressively pursue these claims in Puerto Rico.

In a real sense, insurance companies need good plaintiffs’ attorneys to collect in these cases. Our law firm has successfully litigated subrogation cases in areas as diverse as fires, hurricane damage and crane accidents. Our attorneys have worked directly with insurance companies and, at times, jointly with stateside counsel to form an effective team to maximize recovery against third parties.

Since Puerto Rico is a direct action jurisdiction, there may be opportunities to recover that an insurance company has not considered in its subrogation efforts in other jurisdictions. These cases are normally handled on a contingency basis so exploring these options makes good business sense to an insurance company’s subrogation department.


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