Indiano & Williams tries medical malpractice case in Federal Court

Indiano & Williams tries medical malpractice case in
Federal Court
In March, 2018, Indiano & Williams tried a 2-week medical malpractice case
in Federal Court. The victim of this medical malpractice claim was a 65-year old
man whose post-operative care led to his death. After an uneventful abdominal
surgery to liberate a bowel obstruction, the patient suffered a hypoxic event that left
him brain damaged initially. About ten days later, the patient died at the hospital
due to issues related to a tracheostomy and the loss of his airway.
His three adult children were the plaintiffs. The case involved a large
hospital and several doctors. The defense attorneys vigorously defended the
interests of their respective clients as the trial team at Indiano & Williams pursued
these claims with equal fervor.
After a well-presented case by all parties, a settlement was reached on the
afternoon before closing arguments. The terms are confidential. The firms wishes
to recognize both Vanesa Vicens and Ileana Cardona for the excellent professional
work they did on this case to help this family who lost their father as a result of this
medical malpractice.

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