Medical malpractice case concerning pregnant woman (2022-present)

In April 2022, a 23-week pregnant woman was admitted to Hospital Menonita Cayey’s emergency room due to vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain. The emergency room physician assigned to her care failed to perform a proper physical evaluation, and she was left in a hallway without an accurate diagnosis. As hour went by, her pain became unbearable, and the mother-to-be had to reach out to another patient to request their help in getting the emergency room doctor’s attention. It was only then that she was taken to an unsterile room within the hospital’s emergency room, and a pelvic examination was finally performed: she was found with membranes bulging. Fetal monitors were never placed on her, and she was never sent to a labor room. Our client delivered her baby without medical assistance in the ER, and the baby remained attached to her body without proper care for almost half an hour after birth and died shortly after. The client has filed a lawsuit against the hospital and the physician in the District Court of Puerto Rico, currently in its discovery phase.

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