Medical malpractice- failure to prevent and treat blood clots (thrombus)

In 2019 family members sue hospital and treating physicians for the death of their beloved family head, in federal and state courts. The complaint describes that the death was caused by the failure to adequately treat the patient for pancreatitis and the blood clots that patient developed while hospitalized/bedridden for weeks. Patient was not treated with prophylactic measures such as anticoagulants and mechanical socks, despite his obvious risk factors such as obesity, age, immobility, respiratory disease/pneumonia, and surgery.  Neither were the hematologists recommendations for these measures followed by the treating physicians and the patient was discharged home without anticoagulants, pressure stockings or oxygen.  While at home, patient had a sudden respiratory attack and upon his return to the hospital was in critical condition due to the pulmonary embolism which led to multiorgan failure and death. The case was settled to the family’s satisfaction in 2021.

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