Premises Liability – Personal Injury – Li-Shu Wang and Yi-Wen Huang v. Luz Sullivan et al. Civil No. 22-1344 (2022-2023)

Li-Shu Wang and Yi-Wen Huang moved to Puerto Rico in July 2021 and rented a house in Dorado owned by Luz Sullivan and William Ruiz. While staying at the rented property, a concrete ceiling and fan fell on top of Wang in August 2021, causing her severe injuries to her right arm, head, left thigh, and abdomen. Wang was admitted to Manatí Medical Center and later transferred to Centro Médico in San Juan, where she underwent extensive surgery. After the surgery, Wang had a painful and difficult recovery. The parties sue the owners of the property and their insurance company in the Federal District Court of Puerto Rico in July 2022, and their case was settled to the family’s approval and satisfaction in November 2022.

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