Untreated ruptured spleen leads to patient’s death (22CV1504)

Emily and Gabriel sued a hospital and two physicians for the wrongful death of their father Emiliano Rivera. Mr. Rivera arrived at the hospital ER with chest pain that later began to irradiate to his abdomen. Finally, 2 days later a CT without contrast was done at the hospital which showed a ruptured spleen with massive peritoneal blood collection. Despite this finding, a surgeon was not consulted at this time, and it was not until the afternoon of the following day that Mr. Rivera had an exploratory surgery done. The physicians treating Mr. Rivera failed to timely diagnose and treat his bleeding spleen and he decompensated and died as a result. The firm filed a case on behalf of his adult children for their pain and suffering as well as the inherited cause of action of Mr. Rivera. Fact discovery has concluded in this case, but expert discovery is still underway.

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