Medical Malpractice Stroke Victim (23CV1293)

Myrian Pagan was a healthy and active 68-year-old woman who suddenly experienced some chest pressure and went to the emergency room to get checked. She was admitted at the hospital and treated by multiple physicians including cardiologists and electrophysiologists. Mrs. Pagan later had an ill-advised and contra-indicated catheter ablation procedure done at the hospital and suffered a post procedural cerebrovascular accident which was not promptly identified or adequately treated. As a result of the negligent nursing care and medical care, Myrian’s dominant right side has been severely affected to the point that 1 year later she still cannot talk, walk, or care for herself. Instead, she must rely on her son and daughter, also plaintiffs in this case, for continuous assistance in carrying out basic daily life functions. Discovery is about to begin in this case.

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