Newborn injured during birth (23CV1182)

Karina Hernandez, a resilient young woman, filed a complaint on her own behalf and in representation of her 2-year-old son KMH. When Karina was 19 years old, she was subjected to an extremely long and torturous attempted labor induction. Ultimately, the OBGYN decided to deliver Karina’s baby using vacuum extraction without obtaining proper informed consent. Karina’s baby KMH was born with purple cyanotic appearance and was hypoactive. There was also no pediatrician immediately available to receive the baby at the hospital. KMH was transferred in an unstable manner to a nearby hospital where it was found that he had neonatal depression, metabolic acidosis, respiratory difficulty, seizures, among other complications. Karina, as a single mother raising her son, has had to take KMH to multiple medical specialists and therapists to treat all of his conditions. Given KHM’s cognitive and developmental delay as a result of the malpractice of the OBGYN, the pediatrician and the hospital, the defendants in this case, he will never grow up to be a normal boy. This case is in active discovery.

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