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This case involved a local bakery suing the manufacturing of two cookie manufacturing machines: a sandwiching machine and a tray loader.   The tray loader company filed a counterclaim.  Both the plaintiff bakery and the defendant tray loader manufacturer sued for breach of contract. Numerous technical experts in the area of machine engineering and manufacturing testified […]

Holsum v. Peerless and Compass (18-2004) Read More »

Lydia Sanchez is a 75-year-old woman who suffered a terrible fall at an Airbnb the day after her arrival at the property in May 2022. As a result of this fall, Ms. Sanchez injured her right shoulder and right femur. She had to undergo two femur surgeries and a complete shoulder replacement. Ms. Sanchez had

Lydia Sanchez – personal injury, settled (22-1386) Read More »

In this case, a family came to Puerto Rico on vacation and stayed at a guest inn located in the Condado, a hotel section of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  As they left their lodging to find transportation, the father and his daughter were struck by a driver of an automobile and were severely injured. The

Motor Vehicle accidents and uninsured motorists (21-1460) Read More »

Elenis, Tainary and Jean Pierre (the “tourists”) were driving down the road in their rental car while on vacation in Puerto Rico.  A car approaching from the other direction crossed the median line, in violation of traffic laws, and struck the tourists car causing serious personal injury to all three. Puerto Rico is one of

Motor Vehicle Accident: violation of traffic laws -Direct Action against insurance company– Elenis Rodriguez, et. al v. Triple S-Propiedad, (2019-2020) (19-1875) Read More »

Patient after having his leg amputated at defendant hospital is discharged home by treating physicians in a delicate state, in need of daily local care and close medical follow up. Without a proper discharge plan or home care, patient is evicted from hospital and left to fend for himself at home. Despite the attempts to

Medical Malpractice- Wrongful Discharge of Patient Read More »

In 2019 family members sue hospital and treating physicians for the death of their beloved family head, in federal and state courts. The complaint describes that the death was caused by the failure to adequately treat the patient for pancreatitis and the blood clots that patient developed while hospitalized/bedridden for weeks. Patient was not treated

Medical malpractice- failure to prevent and treat blood clots (thrombus) Read More »

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