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A 35-year-old woman waited more than 35 hours in HIMA Fajardo’s hospital to receive a blood transfusion. She had no previous medical conditions and arrived at the hospital conscious and alert. As precious hours went by, she became weaker and weaker until she lost consciousness and had to be intubated. Less than two hours later, […]

Wrongful death, delayed blood transfusion (2022-present) Read More »

Myrian Pagan was a healthy and active 68-year-old woman who suddenly experienced some chest pressure and went to the emergency room to get checked. She was admitted at the hospital and treated by multiple physicians including cardiologists and electrophysiologists. Mrs. Pagan later had an ill-advised and contra-indicated catheter ablation procedure done at the hospital and

Medical Malpractice Stroke Victim (23CV1293) Read More »

Karina Hernandez, a resilient young woman, filed a complaint on her own behalf and in representation of her 2-year-old son KMH. When Karina was 19 years old, she was subjected to an extremely long and torturous attempted labor induction. Ultimately, the OBGYN decided to deliver Karina’s baby using vacuum extraction without obtaining proper informed consent.

Newborn injured during birth (23CV1182) Read More »

Mr. Henry, a guest at a hotel in San Juan Puerto Rico, was retrieving a towel from the towel bin in the hotel pool area. To Mr. Henry’s surprise the towel bin door came off suddenly and struck him forcefully on his head. Mr. Henry’s vacation was ruined. Because of the door’s impact on his

Hotel guest injury (23CV1218) Read More »

Emily and Gabriel sued a hospital and two physicians for the wrongful death of their father Emiliano Rivera. Mr. Rivera arrived at the hospital ER with chest pain that later began to irradiate to his abdomen. Finally, 2 days later a CT without contrast was done at the hospital which showed a ruptured spleen with

Untreated ruptured spleen leads to patient’s death (22CV1504) Read More »

A young woman was working at a restaurant in the Condado area, and while taking a break, she started to light a lighter, and a gas explosion occurred that burned her arms and part of her face. It was later revealed that her employer knew about the gas leak and had reported it to the

Premises Liability – Gas Explosion (2022-present) Read More »

Maria Mercedes, who Jorge viewed as his second mother, was subjected to a carotid endarterectomy procedure. The surgeon who operated her failed to take the necessary pre-operative precautions in light of her pre-existing conditions, such as discontinuing dual antiplatelet therapy. To make matters worse, after the operation, she was neglected at the hospital and did

Jorge Fuentes – medmal, wrongful death, active litigation (22-1471) Read More »

In April 2022, a 23-week pregnant woman was admitted to Hospital Menonita Cayey’s emergency room due to vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain. The emergency room physician assigned to her care failed to perform a proper physical evaluation, and she was left in a hallway without an accurate diagnosis. As hour went by, her pain became

Medical malpractice case concerning pregnant woman (2022-present) Read More »

Our firm is local counsel in a case filed by the United States government against the shipowners and insurers of the T/V Margara due to an allision to some reefs in the southern part of Puerto Rico.   While not a drop of oil was spilled, the USA filed this lawsuit under a federal stature known

Maritime Oil Pollution Act (OPA) Reef Damage (21CV1594) Read More »

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